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To See You 04:36
God of earth and time, music, beauty God of every child: Christian, Muslim (citizen, immigrant) Purify our minds, soften judgment Bring us into light, open our eyes To see You Heal my heart of hate and fear And restore me to your love
Peacemaker 02:15
We follow the Reconciler We bear his name and give you what he gave to us Peacemaker and healer Jesus taught us and leads us in the world now Peace
We don’t want another empty promise We don’t want another campaign We want every child to live and thrive And peace and justice here to reign We hunger, thirst for, justice God of love, Jesus, help us
We withdraw our hands, from things that destroy, systems that oppress, from selfishness / We will walk the earth in nonviolence, the strength of peace and trust, imagination / Lifting up your love, transforming our lives / Walking in the dreams of God Las manos retiramos, de cosas que destruyen, las sistemas que oprimen, de la avaricia / Andaremos por la tierra en la noviolencia, en la fuerza de la paz y la imaginación / Levantando tu amor, transformándo nuestras vidas / Caminamos en los sueños de Dios
People come together, come together right now Fear won’t find us when we know we’re a family Your Spirit will be filled in the dreams of God
Border Watcher They told me, sit on this mountain and look over there A sprawling story in the desert with lights barely seen Everyone wants to cross over in the night So watch the border and make sure they stay their side Watch the border and make sure they stay there side Moonlit smog makes El Paso glow like a snow Juarez wraps around it, hoping for a sip of Gold A dirty war rages and everyday people die So watch the border and make sure they stay their side Watch the border and make sure they stay there side I’ve read stories about great walls before They never helped with peace but always marked the wars And even this wall, built in steel cemented so deep I know will fall when the Truth is revealed and seen
Amahoro 03:43
Love, love love show us the way Peace show us the way Hope, hope, hope show us the way Amahoro
Only goodness flows from God Forgiving debt and redeeming wrongs This is why we stand in love Blessed is God’s mercy
Sunrise 02:51
Sunrise The sun rises for me to be peace Peace breaks the fear And it is for all So everyone can know It is for all A way of peace and love Jesus He is a way of peace and love He is a home for every refugee A place to rest when we are running away He washes us when our eyes have seen death He is our love when we have none left to give
War Song 06:43
The only war song I know to call out of my throat Is a cry for the dying The only war song to sing with stomach turning Is a cry for the dying Let those who sow in tears reap peace
Nazina 04:26
You have come at a time we are hungry You have come after many wars There are no tears left to cry We are thirsty Your name and ours is Nothing But you came and you saw us breathing You came and helped me stand My name is Love and Life Not Nazina But I will forget without you
Do not be afraid to stand with the weak You are strong in Peace A flower piercing concrete Do not be afraid to speak a word of Love It is healing in the world Forgiveness breaks a war Do not be afraid Trust, it makes the darkness go Oh, the light will rise…
Su Gran Amor 05:18
Yo he quedado como una vasija hecha pedazos El dolor esta acabando con mis ojos Con me alma y con mi cuerpo Pero yo lo ví, su gran amor por mi Seré transformada desde este momento, a partir de ahora


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released April 14, 2011

All songs written and performed by Tracy Howe Wispelwey, ©2011 The Restoration Project. Tracy registers her music through ASCAP and publishes through Restoration Village Music Group, all rights reserved.


all rights reserved



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We envision a just and beautiful world through arts and theologies.

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